Saturday, 28 May 2016

Living in the Miracle!

It is a month and a day since my last entry and a lot has happened - all good by the way. I want to give a summary of the mystery of mystory! Because mystory indeed remains a mystery and a wonder and a miracle.

I will begin with the end. I flew to Edmonton from Inuvik on Canadian North as planned on Sunday afternoon May 15. A full chest-abdomen-pelvic area CT scan on the 16th followed by a consult with Dr North at Cross Cancer Institute (CCI) on the 17th. Then early on Tuesday this week, May 24 Dr North phoned from CCI to discuss the Radiologist Report of the 16th CT scan.

Here are the results. The abdominal cavity is clear of any cancer indication and the renal artery and renal vein are now clear as well. The only complications now are a slightly enlarged lymph node in the chest area, and 2 small 4mm (less than 1/4 inch) diameter nodules in the lungs which could be anything, not necessarily cancer. These seem pretty much the same as in the February 3 results that showed how greatly the cancer had shrunk and been reduced. They could be remnants of the blood clots, thrombi that were very evident in my lungs according to the CT scans just prior to Dec 6. 

As far as the enlarged lymph node is concerned it is definitely not due to TB (tuberculosis) since I tested negative for TB in February. The lymph node might be swollen still as a remnant of the cancer invasion and part of the healing process.

The actual Radiologist Reports for May 16 and February 3 are in the mail and I will get them this next week. When I get them I will provide more detail. And I will also like to go through the detail of how my cancer episodes began. I now have a complete copy of my medical file that goes back in detail to 2014 when my health was just fine thank you very much. I will also talk about my kidney health. That is very important now that I only have one. 

The fact that I am also cancer-free now really is a miracle. RCC (Renal Cell Carcinoma) is not known for quick cures, and in fact some reports say it resists both radiation and chemotherapy. It also may recur during the next 24 months from now. So over and out for now.